IMPACT Guide. Not just for workers

The IMPACT Guide was developed with paid support workers in the third sector in mind. It is recognized that many service users form good and confident relationships with workers and are more likely to trust the advice they give them. The Impact Guide tells us about the important role that support workers take in passing on accurate information about the effects of smoking on mental health which will motivate some people to think about stopping smoking and perhaps taking some action.

It’s not just paid workers however providing essential support to people with mental health problems, there are many volunteers, peer mentors and carers providing essential care on a daily basis. I found this out recently when I was asked to give a presentation to a group of people who are carers for people with mental health problems by Carers of East Lothian who run a range of monthly support groups for carers across East Lothian. The folk who attended were really interested in the information contained in the guide. One carer in particular was very concerned about the amount of tobacco her son smoked and felt sure that he would be interested in what the guide had to say, especially the Psychotropic drugs affected by smoking status information.

This information in particular has raised a lot of interest in those who are introduced to the guide for the first time.

So whatever your role in supporting people with mental health problems, the Impact Guide will provide you with essential information about the effects of smoking on mental health.


Jim O’Rorke

Mental Health Engagement Officer

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