March 2021: Smoking and Mental Health Podcast

In a podcast for Aberdeenshire Council staff, aimed at improving their health and wellbeing, Jim O’Rorke talks to Mitchell Robertson about the effects of smoking on mental health.

August 2019: ASH Scotland’s IMPACT campaign
In a guest blog for Convention Edinburgh, John Watson gives a quick overview of the IMPACT project

July 2019: Tobacco, mental health and human rights
Jim O’Rorke considers whether a “right to smoke” can be proposed when smoking is an addiction that limits so many other rights.

December 2018: All going well, as far as we know…
Jim O’Rorke asks how we can know what happens with services users after an intervention on smoking and mental health.

October 2018: Why are smoking rates higher amongst people with mental health issues?
Jim O’Rorke explores the latest official smoking figures, and calls for better information on the relationship between smoking and mental health.

December 2017: What’s your poison?
Jim O’Rorke compares how the slow, accumulative effect of nicotine poisoning doesn’t quite the attention its huge impact deserves.

December 2017: Changing the story on smoking and mental health
Jim O’Rorke looks back on years of working in addiction services, and makes a few personal suggestions as to changes that could support more action on smoking and mental health.

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