In addition to the IMPACT Guidance and evidence available on our website, on this page you will find links to other information which you may find useful when discussing smoking with the people you support:

Additional information:

10-year Mental Health Strategy

Benefits of stopping smoking

Psychotropic Drugs Affected by Smoking Status

E-cigarettes. Should I try an e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes: the evidence

Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Champix

Practical Tools

cost/benefit of stopping smoking

Smoking Diary: example

Smoking Diary: blank template

Fagerstrom test for cigarette dependence

Scaling and open questions for starting a discussion

Posters. Please feel free to download, print and display these.

Mental health medication affected by smoking a list of commonly prescribed mental health medication.

Reduce the IMPACT the benefits of quitting smoking over time.

Know the IMPACT (large)     Know the IMPACT (small) the effect of smoking on mental health medications.

Other websites:

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