Please find below a range of resources to support you in engaging clients around smoking and mental health. If you require anything further please contact ASH Scotland.

IMPACT Guidance

The core IMPACT document supporting practitioners in engaging clients on smoking and mental health

Benefits of stopping smoking

Our timeline shows how when people quit smoking there are both immediate and long-term benefits

“Reduce the Impact” poster

Poster setting out the timeline for health benefits when stopping smoking

Glossary of medications

Brief information on some of the more common psychotropic medications

Free stop smoking support

Information on the free NHS stop smoking support available and how to access it

Cost/benefit analysis

A simple worksheet for clients to use in thinking through the pros and cons of smoking

Video Case Study: Smoking and Mental Health

In this short video, Jim O’Rorke from ASH Scotland relates how, as a support worker in a previous job, he supported a person with severe and enduring mental health problems who was prescribed an antipsychotic medication, but also smoked heavily.

Evidence review

A comprehensive review of the evidence around the links between smoking and mental health

Effect of Smoking on Mental Health Medication Video

This short video describes how tobacco smoke affects some mental health medications. Thanks to the Arizona Smokers Helpline Ashline

Fagerström test for cigarette dependence

A questionnaire that helps to identify if clients are addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes

Stop smoking medications

From Nicotine Replacement to Varenicline, a review of the medications available to support stop smoking attempts

Should I try an electronic cigarette?

A simple infographic from ASH Scotland to help clients considering whether to use an e-cigarette

Smoking diary – blank

A worksheet to help clients record when, how and where they smoke, in order to build up a picture of their smoking behaviours

Scaling/open questions

Some examples of open questions you can ask that can enable a discussion about smoking and quitting smoking

Smoking Cessation Practitioners - Smoking and Mental Health

This is a shortened version of the 2 hour IMPACT face-to-face session for Smoking Cessation Practitoners. It is in the format or a PowerPoint presentation and contains the main points along with many links to more information on this topic.

National Strategy

The Scottish Government’s ten-year mental health strategy includes aspirations on smoking and mental health

Drugs Affected by Smoking

ASH Scotland poster listing mental health medications that are affected by smoking

“Know the Impact” poster

Poster reviewing the impact of smoking on various psychotropic medications

E-cigarettes Statement

A consensus position produced by various health organizations, including ASH Scotland

Smoking diary – example

An example of how the smoking diary could look once completed by a client

Questions to ask

Arizona Smokers’ Helpline checklist of questions to ask your healthcare provider

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